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AI NFT Marketplace

MBD Boulevard as a center where users can buy, sell, and trade anything and everything.

Blockchain Interoperability

Blockchain Interoperability

Allows for fluid movement of NFTs, regardless of their native network.
Any singular NFT can be accessible on any chain, and users will also be able
to transact with their NFTs directly cross-chain. Users will also be able to mint
NFTs using the NFT trade platform.

Social, Loyalty, and Rewards Programs

Social, Loyalty, and Rewards Programs

Users will be able share their NFTs, interact with other users and collectors,
and create using their assets. Loyalty and token programs allow new forms
of engagement for businesses.
Rewards services allow users to earn and spend points.

Escrowed Peer-To Peer Trading

Escrowed Peer-To Peer Trading

Means that users will be able to trade directly with each other,
without the need of an intermediary, using smart contracts to
guarantee that both parties are satisfied with the transaction.

Immersive NFTs powered by VR

Immersive NFTs powered by VR

Create VR-ready NFTs and use them in a virtual world. Any asset, real or unreal, can find its place in the metaverse this way. Nothing is bound by the limitations of the physical world.



Q1-Q2, 2022

Phase 1

✔ DeFi and Metaverse Market Analysis
✔ Blockchain & Protocol Architecture Analysis
✔ Whitepaper Release
✔ Project Team and Advisory Board Assembly
✔ MBD Token code creation and audit

Q3, 2022

Phase 2

✔ Protocol Development for BEP-20 MBD Token.
✔ Private and Public Capital Fundraising
✔ Partnership Integration Analysis.
✔ Token Listing Submissions Tier 1 & Tier 2
✔ 360 DeFi Platform Research/Architecture
✔ Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Architecture

Q4 2022

Phase 3

✔ MBD Token Listing on Major Exchange
✔ Launch Beta - Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace
✔ E-Commerce to NFT, Immersive NFT
✔ Market Awareness, Branding & Merch
✔ Community Build & Social Media Marketing

Q1-Q2 2023

Phase 4

- 360 MBD DeFi Protocol Development
- Financial District Real-Estate Development
- 360 DeFi Mobile Application Architecture
- 360 DeFi Mobile Application Development
- Launch 1 - MBD 360 DeFi Services Launch
- Cross-chain wallet, Dex, Fiat to crypto
- Transfers, NFT balances
- High auto masking, auto compound/yield

Q3-Q4 2023

Phase 5

- Open World Financial Business District
- Financial District Real-Easte Dev & Deploy
- Metahuman Digital Passport Dev & Deploy
- Avatar Accessories Dev & Deploy
- Protocol Dev & Deploy:
Cross-chain flash loan
- Real Estate Sale
- FinTech Learning and Gamification
- MBD Financial Academy Dev & Deploy


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