March 9, 2022 captainharlock

Banking in the Metaverse

In this episode, DWealthMuse host Dara Albright, and guest May Mahboob, co-founder of MBD Financials DeFi, discuss banking in the metaverse and the impact it will have on finance, education, healthcare, art, and even the real estate industry. Highlights include:

  • An introduction to the metaverse and web 3.0;
  • What Microsoft’s recent $69B acquisition of Activision says about the future of the metaverse;
  • Why the metaverse needs a bank;
  • The challenges that traditional banks will face transitioning to the metaverse;
  • How conventional real estate developers will profit in the metaverse;
  • How the metaverse will impact education and healthcare;
  • Taking the NFT world to the next level through immersive art;
  • The social impact of the metaverse.