March 28, 2022 captainharlock

MBD Financials to Unveil a Revolutionary Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace

The project involves a cross-platform mixed reality Metaverse, ranging from Virtual bank building, Healthcare, Casino, Immersive NFT marketplace, and much more. SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, March 28, 2022 / — MBD Financials is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of its revolutionary cross-chain NFT marketplace. The blockchain platform is on a mission to help the world fully transition into a decentralized financial system and has created a cross-platform mixed reality Metaverse financial district, to represent every aspect of society in the metaverse.

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, so also is the excitement with NFTs and the Metaverse. Large corporations and businesses are already engaged in a highly competitive land grabbing race, buying up as much digital real estate as they can find.

As part of its goal of making a blockchain-based decentralized and comprehensive financial system available to everyone, MBD Financials is taking its revolutionary solution beyond the physical world, and into the Metaverse.

The soon-to-be-unveiled cross-platform mixed reality Metaverse financial district recreates all the important aspects of society in the Multiverse, ranging from virtual bank buildings to health care departments, casinos, gaming, apartments for rent, as well as an Immersive cross-chain NFT marketplace.

Ownership of assets in the digital real estate will be secured and transferred by NFTs incorporated into the Metaverse.

When it comes to NFTs, one problem that persists is the lack of a unifying blockchain upon which to validate the non-fungible tokens. NFT creators are usually divided on the exact blockchain to use, with some opting for Ethereum while others are caught between the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. As such, only people using the required blockchain can take advantage of their NFTs.

By creating a cross-chain NFT marketplace, MBD Financials overcomes the restrictions placed by multiple blockchains and offers a unique marketplace where sellers will be able to choose their blockchain, and sell any kind of work to anyone, no matter which blockchain they choose.

More details regarding the unique functionalities of the new cross-chain platform will be revealed as the product launch draws closer. Anyone with questions regarding the project, or interested in supporting the creation of a Photorealistic Metaverse, can reach out to MBD Financials via the contact info below. Private sale is soon to be closed.

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